Web Connect Services

These services allows our customers to pull shipment information directly from our web site into their company's web page or information system.

Unless denoted as a Web Service, these services are simple HTTP requests to our web server in which you can POST or GET data to our web server and we will supply the response in the requested format. We provide a sample link on how to use the service as an HTTP GET request. The Web Services conform to the WEB SOA Architecture in relation to Web Service technology. You should be able to use whatever platform or programming language of your choice.
Please contact helpdesk@sefl.com if you have any questions. *denotes that MySEFL Login and Password is required.
Type = PN for pro number
Type = IN for interline pro number
Type = BL for Bill of Lading Number
Type = PO for purchase order number
If you trace by BL or PO, set ZipCode to
either the shipper's or consignee's 5 digit zip code, otherwise use zeros or leave this parameter off
Pro numbers must be numeric and 7 or 9 digits in length
You may enter up to 10 Reference Numbers, RefNum1 thru RefNum10

  • XML
  • To retrieve the data using the XML format simply append the following to the query string: &output=XML
  • Tracing Status Descriptions - The following status codes and are provided within the Tracing/Tracking responses.

    CDYClosed for city delivery
    CFCClosed for city
    CFDClosed for dispatch
    DFUDropped for unloading
    DOCOn dock
    DPTDelivery print trailer
    HAPHold for appointment
    LODLoaded on trailer
    OSDOver, short, or damaged

Requests that could not be processed will have a message returned inside an error element tag.

Tracing Push Notifications
The Tracing Push Notifications Service is a REST Web Service that allows our customers to submit a one-time request to be notified every time a shipment's status changes. Southeastern Freight Lines will send a new shipment status update to the customer using a REST service callback (which must be implemented and supported by the customer).

Contact TracingPushNotifications@sefl.com to receive more information about this service. Please provide a valid account number, reference number (pro, bill of lading, purchase order), or MySEFL username with your request.

Pickup Inquiry
You may enter a single pickup request number via the requestNumber parameter.
output=XML returns an XML document, otherwise redirected to a web page.

Pickup Web Services
Click here for instructions on submitting a pickup request via web service.

Claims Status Inquiry
RefType should be "P" for Pro Number, or "C" for claim number
If RefType is "P", then the pro number should be a 7 or 9 digit number

Document Retrieval
RefNum is a Pro number.
Pro numbers must be 7 or 9 digits in length.
Pro numbers are numeric only, no dashes or letters.
You may request documents for multiple pros by separating each pro by %20 (ex. RefNum=8888888%209999999).
Retrieve Proof of Delivery documents by specifying the parameter DR=Y, Bill of Lading documents by BL=Y, and Weight and Inspection documents by WI=Y.

If you wish to have the images returned in XML, use the following query string. Additional options can also be appended.

The image will be returned in Base64 within the "base64Image" tag which will then have to be decoded back to binary in order to be viewed.
The other information returned in the XML tags will be the image type (ex. "Bill of Lading"), the pro number associated with the image, and the file extension of the image.

The default image type for documents is tiff. To retrieve images in pdf format, append the parameter pdf=Y to the query string.

Routing Guide
Transit times returned are for MOST points, exceptions may apply. Origin and Destination zip codes entered should be full 5 digit zip codes, shipDate must be in mm/dd/yyyy format.

In some cases, zip codes are linked to multiple points, in which case you will be taken to a page to select a specific point. To avoid this scenario, you can append query parameters specifying the point information.

To get the results in XML format, simply append &output=XML to the query string.

Rate Quotes
Click here for information on obtaining MySEFL Rate Quotes in XML format

Click here for information on the RESTful web service API for MySEFL Rate Quotes.

Get Pro API
The Get Pro API allows coded customers to retrieve the next available pro number. There is a daily limit of 200 pros per MySEFL login.

This service is exposed as a RESTful Web Service. The WADL can be accessed here.

To retrieve a preassigned pro, an HTTP GET request should be sent to https://www.sefl.com/seflWebsite/resources/generatePro/PreAssigned

Your MySefl username and password are required for each request. Credentials should be sent using Basic HTTP Authorization via the Authorization HTTP header.

Responses can be requested in either XML or JSON format. You can view example responses here.

Standard HTTP status codes are used for error responses.