Lynden Transport

Lynden Transport - Southeastern Freight Lines’ partner to Alaska is Lynden Transport. Lynden Transport is a complete multi-modal, regional, common and contract carrier primarily serving Alaska. Founded in 1954, Lynden Transport was the first trucking company to provide scheduled over-the-road freight service via the Alcan Highway to major Alaskan communities. Today, Lynden Transport also provides LTL cargo service on motor-water-motor routes using steamships, barges, and the Alaska State Ferry System. Lynden Transport has been honored as a Quest for Quality winner in the Western Regional LTL category by Logistics Management Report every year since 1996.

Select Service Standards

Charlotte, NC to Anchorage, AK - 9 days
Atlanta, GA to Fairbanks, AK - 9 days
Greenville, SC to Juneau, AK - 9 days
Miami, FL to Ketchikan, AK - 10 days
Nashville, TN to Kenai, AK - 9 days