WebConnect for RESTful MySEFL Rate Quotes:

The ability to submit, retrieve and list MySEFL Rate Quotes with responses available in XML or JSON is exposed through a RESTful Web Service. For each of these requests your MySEFL credentials are required and should be sent using Basic HTTP Authorization via the Authorization HTTP header. The WADL for this web service can be accessed here.

To submit a quote, an HTTP POST request should be sent to https://www.sefl.com/webconnect/ratequotes/rest/submitQuote providing the Submit Parameters listed below as form data. The response from a successful POST will include a quote number for reference as well as links to the quote summary and full quote detail.

To retrieve a quote summary, an HTTP GET request should be sent to https://www.sefl.com/webconnect/ratequotes/rest/XXXXXXXXX.
To retrieve a quote with full detail, an HTTP GET request should be sent to https://www.sefl.com/webconnect/ratequotes/rest/XXXXXXXXX?ReturnDetail=Y
where XXXXXXXXX is the quote number being referenced. The response from a successful GET will include "status" which will have one of the following values

To request a list of recently submitted quotes, an HTTP GET request should be sent to https://www.sefl.com/webconnect/ratequotes/rest/list.

Sample java code utilizing this service as well as a helper class for performing the HTTP POST and GET methods is available here. In addition example responses are available here.

Submit Parameters.

CustomerAccount Account number of party requesting quote
returnX set to "Y"
rateXML set to "Y"
CustomerName Name of customer for account number specified above
CustomerStreet Street address of customer requesting quote
CustomerCity City for customer requesting quote
CustomerState State for customer requesting quote
CustomerZip 5 digit zip code for customer requesting quote
Option "S" if customer is the shipper, "C" if consignee, "T" if third party
PickupDateMM 2 digit Month for pickup date (01-12)
PickupDateDD 2 digit day of Month for pickup date
PickupDateYYYY 4 digit year for pickup date
Terms "P" for prepaid, "C" for collect
EmailAddress Email address where quote will be sent if it must be rated by hand
OrigCountry "U" if US origin, "C" if Canadian and "M" if Mexican
DestCountry "U" if US destination, "C" if Canadian and "M" if Mexican
Class1 thru Class20 valid entries: 50,55,60,65,70,77,775,85,92,925,100,110,125,150,175,200,250,300,400,500
Weight1 thru Weight20  
CubicFt1 thru CubicFt20 required only on shipments to or from Puerto Rico
Description1 thru Description20 You must provide a description if no class is provided - omission of class requires a manual quote/email
  * at least one class/weight pair must be passed in
Additional parameters for volume quotes listed below (optional).
allowSpot set to "Y" if you would like the request to be considered for a volume quote
floorSpace numeric value for floor space (length) in whole feet. Required if allowSpot = "Y"
heightSpace numeric value for height in whole feet. Required if allowSpot = "Y"
widthSpace numeric value for width in whole feet. Required if allowSpot = "Y"
Pieces1 thru Pieces20 number of pieces, pallets or handling units. Required if allowSpot = "Y"
chkHM "on" for Hazardous Materials shipments
chkTL "on" for Truck Load shipments
TruckloadVanPup if chkTL = "on", must specify whether it's a Van (value="Van") or a Pup load (value="Pup").
TruckLoadPercent if chkTL = "on", must specify truck load % - value 0 to 100
chkDG "on" for Day Definite Guaranteed Service (only valid for direct points)
chkNG "on" for Noon Guaranteed Service (only valid for certain destinations)
chkCOD "on" for COD Fee
CODAmount if chkCOD = "on", must provide a COD amount > 0 and < 100,000.00
chkIM "on" for Import Shipment
chkEX "on" for Export Shipment
chkAN "on" for Arrival Notice
chkLAP "on" for Limited Access Pickup
chkLAD "on" for Limited Access Delivery
chkID "on" for Inside Delivery
chkIB "on" for In Bond Fee
chkLGD "on" for Delivery Lift Gate
chkLGP "on" for Pickup Lift Gate
chkAPU "on" for Airport Pickup
chkAPD "on" for Airport Delivery
chkIP "on" for Inside Pickup
chkRC "on" for Redeliver to Consignee
chkPR "on" for Private Residence
chkRD "on" for Redeliver Dock Pickup
chkSHC "on" if shipper will bring shipment to carrier's dock, instead of carrier pickup
chkOD "on" for Over Dimension Freight