Advanced Shipment Processing

Our state-of-the-art shipping system gives customers real-time visibility to their shipments.

Bar coded pro labels are assigned to each shipment and are used to update our system as your freight moves from origin to destination. The driver then uses an onboard computer to scan the bar coded pro label and to capture vital shipment information. The information is transmitted by multi-mode communications system to our Laser Dispatch and host computer system to provide time-specific pickup information.

Our optimum placement model uses the transmitted information to assign your shipments to the best available door. Every service center also uses a dock management system to reduce handling, eliminate mis-loads, and to improve origin cycle time.

While the shipments are being loaded to the correct trailer, the bills of lading are scanned into our document imaging system and transmitted to a central billing area where your freight bill is prepared. By automatically applying your account information, which is stored in our host computer, our format billing and rating systems reduce input and processing errors.

Prior to arrival at destination, Southeastern's Synergy Routing System optimizes and sequences each delivery route to meet delivery requirements and appointment times while reducing the mileage required to make the deliveries. Southeastern's drivers record vital shipment information in their onboard computers at the time of delivery.

Time-specific tracking information can be accessed through any of our customer support systems via phone, Internet, or standard EDI.