Density Calculator

How To Determine Density

Density is the weight of a commodity per cubic foot. It along with other factors* is used to determine the classification of products such as plastic articles. Generally, commodities which are denser have lower class ratings. Conversely, less dense commodities usually have higher class ratings; the lower the class, the lower the charge per hundredweight.

In determining the density of a shipment, multiply the length, width and height in inches of your shipment and then divide they product by 1,728 to obtain the cubic feet of the shipment. Dividing the weight by the number of cubic feet produces the shipment's pounds per cubic foot.

If a shipment is palletized, the dimensions and weight of the pallet must be used as well. For example, a pallet 6" high plus a 22" carton has a total height of 28". The weight must include the weight of the pallet.

*Other Classification Factors include Commodity Value, Packaging and Stowability.

All values entered must be in a number format(whole or fraction) with no more than 5 decimal places
Unit Length Width Height Total Wt(lbs.) Cubic ft. Density lb/cubic ft.