Southeastern Freight Lines and our partner XCF Transportes Carga Consolidata are now offering through services between the U.S. and Mexico. Our border crossing expertise combined with our outstanding domestic services provide you with the confidence you have come to expect from Southeastern. XCF is a growing Mexico LTL carrier operating 24 service centers throughout Mexico. A Map of their services and general company information can be found on their website:
Currently, we offer 2 specific types of services between the U.S. and Mexico:
  1. Domestic – the shipment moves between you and your broker/forwarder at the border. It is basically a U.S. shipment traveling to your broker/forwarder for coordination and handling in Mexico.
  2. Door-to-Door Mexico – the shipment moves between the U.S. and Mexico from pickup to delivery. We must utilize your broker for this service.
What paperwork is needed
The following documentation is required for shipments between the U.S. and Mexico:
  1. Bill of Lading
    Required Information on the Bill of Lading
    1. Shipper's full name, address and phone number.
    2. Consignee's full name, address and phone number (for arrival notification purposes).
    3. Commodity description (NMFC item number and classification, weight and cubic measurements (if available)).
    4. Freight payment terms (prepaid or collect for the US and Mexico portions of the shipment).

  2. Commercial Invoice – This document states the sales value of the goods to establish value for Customs.

  3. Shippers Export Declaration– ACE website

    The Department of Homeland Security requires that all shippers to Mexico complete a Shipper Export Declaration (SED) for every shipment valued over $2,500.00. The SED information must be entered electronically through the Department of Homeland Security?s Automated Commercial Environment System (ACE) online at www.ace.cbp.dhsgov. All shippers have two options to insure full compliance to the governmental directive:

    Option #1
    The shipper may request for their designated broker to file the SED on their behalf.

    Option #2
    The shipper may file their SED on-line with the ACE Secure Data Portal at www.ace.cbp.dhsgov. If this option is selected, the shipper must provide the corresponding AES transaction number (ITN) on each bill of lading.

  4. Certificate of Origin

Click here for a printable flyer on our Mexico Service.

If you have any additional questions about needed documentation to Mexico or need further assistance, please send us a message through our Contact Us page.

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