Internet Invoicing

Internet Invoicing is a simple and cost effective way of providing an abbreviated invoice directly to you via email the morning following pickup. Each abbreviated invoice shows all the pertinent shipping information and the description for the first page of the bill with the total pieces, weight, discount, and freight charges for the entire shipment. This abbreviated format is easy to read.

If you are a shipper who prepays and adds freight charges to your invoices, you can benefit significantly from this invoicing option. Using Internet Invoicing, you can receive Southeastern's invoices the morning following pickup (before 12 Noon) and invoice your customers the same day!

In addition, any customer who wants their invoices (prepaid and collect) the morning following pickup can benefit from this new capability without the cost of EDI. The system is ideal for customers who ship 24 or fewer shipments per day and do not use Third Party Logistics (TPL's) or Third Party Paying Agents. Most third parties have additional document requirements (bills of lading, delivery receipts, etc.) and are not suited for this method of invoicing.

We now have two invoicing capabilities available for you. You can sign-up for the option that best meets your needs:

Internet Invoicing (Email Invoicing)

You will receive your invoices via email on a daily basis. Please use this link (invoice example) to view the invoice format that will be automatically delivered to your email address each day. Using a PDF Reader (download for FREE), you can review and print a copy of the invoice for processing through your payables department. If you want further information, click on Sign Me Up! and our representative will contact you.

Internet Invoicing and Payment

Using this method, you will receive a weekly file of all your invoices via email. From this file, you can review the charges for approval/denial or view the freight bill, bill of lading, W&I certificate or proof of delivery prior to payment. You can authorize full payment or partial payments based on your pricing.

Have us draft your bank account according to your payment terms. Just like writing a check WITHOUT THE EXPENSE OR PAPER! Once you have authorized payment, you can request a spreadsheet of your payments for providing documentation to your accounts payable department. If you want further information, click on Sign Me Up! (You'll need a My SEFL Login id for this option. Apply for one here if you do not already have one.) and our representative will contact you. Click here for additional information.

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