Puerto Rico

The Fastest Route to Puerto Rico

Have your shipment in Puerto Rico in Three to five business days. Southeastern Freight Lines' Best in Class service provides fast, predictable door-to-door shipping to or from any address in Puerto Rico.

Once your Puerto Rico Shipment leaves your loading dock, it moves quickly to Jacksonville, Florida. Southeastern's industry leading transit schedules and on-time performance assure this expedited service. On arrival in Jacksonville, your shipment is loaded into an ocean container and transported to the port. Because we use high-speed vessel service exclusively-as opposed to slower barges - our ocean transit times are the fastest available.
  • 99.77% on-time performance
  • 99.7% invoice accuracy
  • 99.76% claim free
Once aboard the high-speed vessels, your freight is shipped to the Port of San Juan. On arrival in San Juan, the ocean container is moved to our service center located in the secure Foreign Trade Zone, where it is prepared for delivery. This enables you to track you shipment every step of the way.
Southeastern's drivers in Puerto Rico, just like our drivers in the states, are uniformed, courteous and efficient. Our drivers are equipped with hand-held computers that provide immediate updates as shipments are delivered and picked up. You can, for example, ship goods from Atlanta, Georgia to San Juan, Puerto Rico in three to five working days (depending on the day of the week shipped).
Call today for Best-in-Class Service to Puerto Rico
Thanks to our fleet of trucks and use of high-speed vessels, we move your freight faster over land and over sea, delivering to your final destination in record time.
That's what makes Southeastern Freight Lines the fastest route to Puerto Rico; by land and sea.

City Transit Time
Atlanta, GA 3-5 Day Service
Birmingham, AL 3-5 Day Service
Charlotte , NC 3-5 Day Service
Dallas, TX 5-7 Day Service
Greenville, SC 4-8 Day Service
Miami, FL 3-5 Day Service
Nashville, TN 4-8 Day Service
New Orleans, LA 4-8 Day Service
Richmond, VA 4-8 Day Service


Day of Southeastern Freight Lines Pick-Up in Puerto Rico






Day of Delivery in the United States the Following Week
Atlanta, GA Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed
Birmingham, AL Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed
Charlotte, NC Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed
Dallas, TX Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu
Greenville, SC Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed
Miami, FL Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed
Nashville, TN Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu
New Orleans, LA Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu
Richmond, VA Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu

What paperwork is needed?
  1. Bill of Lading
    Southeastern Freight Lines' Straight / Original Short Form bill of lading or shipper's bill of lading are acceptable.

    Required Information on the Bill of Lading
    • Shipper's full name, address and phone number.
    • Consignee's full name, address and phone number (for arrival notification purposes).
    • Commodity description (NMFC item number and classification, weight and cubic measurements (if available)).
    • Freight payment terms (prepaid or collect for inland and ocean freight charges).
    • Schedule B number, if available (see Terminology section for a description).
    • C.O.D. and amount (if applicable).
    • "Marine insurance requested" (if applicable) and declare the value to get additional marine insurance.
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Written Letter of Authorization Form

Shipper's Export Declaration (S.E.D.)
The Department of Homeland Security requires that all shippers to Puerto Rico complete a Shipper Export Declaration (SED) for every shipment valued over $2,500.00. The SED information must be entered electronically through the Department of Homeland Security?s Automated Commercial Environment System (ACE) online at www.ace.cbp.dhs.gov. All shippers have two options to insure full compliance to the governmental directive:

Option #1
The shipper may request for Southeastern to file the SED on their behalf. If this option is selected, the shipper must complete a "Written Letter of Authorization Form" which is available from your SEFL account manager or from our company web site, www.sefl.com. This form will need to be completed only once. Southeastern will keep it on file for all future shipments.

Option #2
The shipper may file their SED on-line with the ACE secure data portal at www.ace.cbp.dhs.gov. If this option is selected, the shipper must provide the corresponding Internal Transaction Number (ITN) on each bill of lading.

If you have any additional questions about needed documentation to Puerto Rico or need further assistance, please contact our Puerto Rico Division associates in Jacksonville who are well-versed on these changes and will be available to assist you.

Southeastern Freight Lines

Puerto Rico Division
3335 N Edgewood Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32254

(800) 331-6203
(904) 798-7018
Fax (904) 665-0422

Additional Service Advantages

Delivery Drivers
Southeastern has selected the finest drivers to provide delivery service in Puerto Rico. They use Dolphin handheld computers, which provide our customers with real-time delivery information. No other LTL carrier in Puerto Rico utilizes this technology.

Imaged Delivery Receipts
Delivery receipts are scanned after delivery and saved electronically so that our customers can review these documents at their convenience. Customers can access these documents through the Document Retrieval section of our web site at www.sefl.com.

Full Container Loads to Puerto Rico

Southeastern is a specialist in the Southeast and Southwest for less-than-truckload service to and from Puerto Rico. In addition, Southeastern provides an outstanding value for large volume shipments to and from Puerto Rico. Southeastern can provide our customers with the best value for full container service. For specific schedules and rate quotations for full container loads, please contact:

Angela Foster
Southeastern Freight Lines
Puerto Rico Division
3335 N Edgewood Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32254

(800) 331-6203
(904) 798-7018
Fax (904) 665-0422
Or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

How Are Rates Calculated?

  • Inland rates between any U.S. ZIP code and our port facility in Jacksonville are based on commodity and weight size minus discounts. Please refer to Southeastern's rating page on our web site to rate the inland portion of your shipment.
  • Ocean rates - Rated by either cubic foot measure or hundred weight measure (whichever is greater)
  • Puerto Rico delivery cost - is based on the consignee's location and shipment weight size.
  • Documentation fee - $30.00 non-hazardous and $45.00 hazardous per shipment

How to Determine the Cubic Feet

  1. Multiply the length in inches by the width in inches by the height in inches.
  2. Divide the total by 1,728 inches per cubic foot (12"X12"x12").
  3. The resulting number is the number of cubic feet in your shipment.


A shipment consisting of 15 cartons of Guitars (Musical Instruments) each carton measures 35" X 20" X 8".

  1. 35" X 20" X 8" = 5,600 cubic inches.
  2. 5,600 cubic inches divided by 1,728 cubic inches per cubic foot = 3.24 cubic feet per carton.
  3. 3.24 cubic feet X 15 cartons = 48.6 or 49 cubic feet for the entire shipment.

Facts about Puerto Rico

  • United States Territory (residents are U.S. citizens).
  • Location: 1,289 miles Southeast of Jacksonville, FL.
  • Population: 3.9 million (2 million in San Juan).
  • Language: Spanish and English (bilingual), usually business is conducted in Spanish (Southeastern phones in San Juan- Spanish and English). By conducting business primarily in Spanish, Southeastern shows the commitment to adapt to your customers' needs.
  • Currency: The U.S. Dollar

Call Southeastern Freight Lines today to find out more - or to schedule your shipments to and from Puerto Rico.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Building 11
International Mercantile Center
San Juan, PR 00965
(888) 996-7335
(787) 774-1800
Fax (787) 774-1115
Jacksonville, Florida
Puerto Rico Division
3335 N Edgewood Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(800) 331-6203
(904) 798-7018
Fax (904) 665-0422
Or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Our hours of operation for our San Juan Service Center are 8AM to 5PM (Atlantic Standard Time). Atlantic Standard Time is the same time as Eastern Daylight Time. Please keep in mind that the mainland United States reverts to Eastern Standard Time between the months of October to April. During that time, Puerto Rico is an hour ahead of the mainland Eastern Standard Time. So, our hours of operation for our San Juan Service Center would still be 8AM to 5PM (Atlantic Standard Time) but would be 7AM to 4PM (Eastern Standard Time).

Terminology for Ocean Shipping to Puerto Rico

C.F. or C.F.T. - Cubic foot (one cubic foot equals 12" X 12" X 12").

Commercial Invoice Value - Value of the goods being shipped.

L.C.L. - Less-Than-Container-Load.

Schedule B Number - is the identifying commodity number for a particular product or good as provided in "Schedule B - Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States". This code allows the U.S. Government to track and monitor all goods that are imported to and exported from the United States.

S.E.D. - Shippers Export Declaration, a form required by the United States Treasury Department / Bureau of the Census for the compilation of Trade Statistics with both foreign countries and U.S. Territories and possessions.