Internet Invoicing and Payment Features

Internet Invoicing / Payment

This option allows you to receive a daily or weekly file of all your invoices via email. The email will provide a secure link for accessing the Invoice File. From this file, you can review the charges and, based upon your established pricing, make the decision to approve, adjust or deny the charges. To assist you in your review we provide the ability to access the freight bill, bill of lading, proof of delivery or any weighing and inspection documents prior to payment. After processing each bill have us draft your bank account according to your payment terms. Just like writing a check Once you have authorized payment, you can request a spreadsheet file of your payments for providing documentation to your accounts payable department. This final screen will also allow you to review any unprocessed invoice files or files that are currently pending a draft.

After clicking the link provided within the invoice email you will be presented with a secure My SEFL logon. After entering your ID and Password you will be presented with a screen of invoices as shown below.

First of all, you can simply click any pro number to obtain supporting documents such as a freight bill copy, bill of lading, delivery receipt or weighing and inspection certificate. The screen below shows an example of available documents.

To process the invoices you will simply use the buttons available on the far right side of each shipment to approve or disapprove the billed amount.  The approval button is the default so it is not necessary to take any action on charges you deem correct.If you need to disapprove an item, the system will present the following comment box to allow an explanation of why the charges are being rejected. Note that the system also provides a new amount field for entering an adjusted pay amount.

After reviewing and making a decision on each bill you will simply click the "Submit Bank Draft" button at the bottom of the screen.The system will then provide a final review and verification screen as shown below.

After submitting the verification screen, the system will present a confirmation page. The confirmation page shows if the transaction was accepted and the bank draft date. At this time you have the option to download a spreadsheet file of the payment for integration into your system. The system will also provide a list of all unprocessed invoices and those that have been processed and are pending a draft. You can simply click the date of any unprocessed invoice to audit, verify and submit for payment.