The URL to access Southeastern Freight Lines' website has changed. To help you access the site in the future, please perform the following steps to update the FAVORITES on your browser:

     1. Click here to visit
     2. Once you are on our site
     3. Click FAVORITES on your browser menu bar
     4. Click Add to favorites
     5. Click OK to add Southeastern Freight Lines to your favorites list.

In addition, with this change in the URL, Windows will no longer be able to provide your User ID and Password that you may have stored for MYSEFL. If you do not know your User ID and Password, please provide your name, company, address, and phone number in an email and send to She will be glad to provide you with your information. Once you re-enter your User ID and Password under the new URL, Windows will store it for use in the future.

IF YOU DO NOT have a customer ID and Password, you can go to MYSEFL on our home page and apply for one online.

If you have received this message and you entered your data from a site other than, you must contact the Webmaster (IT Staff) of the original site for assistance. SEFL has already notified known businesses that use our Web Connect/Direct URL services via email. To view the updated URL information, click here.

Southeastern Freight Lines thanks you for your business and apologizes for the inconvenience.

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